Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need MedPoint?

Each month, your practice or business is losing money that you should be collecting. No matter how effective and efficient your business is, you are losing money as a result of the complexities of the modern revenue cycle. MedPoint's software will quickly and efficiently find all of your lost billing so that you can increase revenue. MedPoint guarantees you will find money, or its services are free.

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My practice is already highly organized and efficient, will MedPoint be able to help me?

Yes. MedPoint's software will locate lost billing or the initial audit is free. In addition, the software generates reports that will assist you in running a more informed and profitable business.

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What does MedPoint's software do?

Medical billing has become a highly complex process. Human errors, computer interface issues, unreasonable or intentional insurance denials or underpays, and billing company mismanagement result in lost revenue. MedPoint's software seeks out and finds lost billing and puts you in control of your financial bottom line. You will be able to quickly and efficiently monitor your billing company and staff to make sure you are collecting everything you have worked hard to earn. You will be able to uncover unreasonable insurance company denials and under paid claims. In simple terms, MedPoint's software will put you in charge of the revenue cycle.

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How far back can the software audit the revenue cycle?

As long as you have the necessary data, you can audit the revenue cycle for as manymonths or years as needed. However, most audits are done to coincide with the time frame available for insurance reimbursement. Ask your MedPoint consultant to evaluate this question based on your individual needs.

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How much does the software cost?

The cost of the software depends on your individual needs and demands. MedPoint can discuss a contingency cost depending on how much revenue is found using the software, or, if desired, MedPoint will establish a mutually agreeable fixed monthly fee. MedPoint's software is unique in that the software will pay for itself. You will pay MedPoint out of the captured money you would have lost without the software.

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How easy is the software to use?

The software is easy to learn how to use. The software is designed to be used in your business or practice. Once installed, you will wonder how you ever got along without it. You will also question how much money you have lost over the years without the software.

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