You Are Losing Money!

MedPoint has proprietary software that will increase your revenue by reducing lost billing due to human errors, billing company mistakes, computer interface problems, unreasonable insurance denials and insurance underpayment. The software will quickly and efficiently perform a comprehensive revenue cycle audit that will yield a dynamic report listing all missed or lost billing opportunities so that providers can submit the same for payment. MedPoint has found that even large professional billing companies have a 2-5% error rate due to computer interface issues, unreasonable claim denials and human error. Some providers are experiencing a 10% error rate or more.

MedPoint's software can find lost billing opportunities that would otherwise be lost and go uncollected. Each provider needs to be collecting every penny due and owing for services actually provided. Even if your business or practice is functioning at a high level, you are still losing revenue unnecessarily. No one is error free. MedPoint's software will reduce or eliminate lost billing, which will increase revenue. If not, there will be absolutely no charge for MedPoint's services.

MedPoint was established after years of perfecting proprietary software that finds lost billing that goes undetected by even the best medical providers. MedPoint's Software is a one of a kind product that will absolutely increase the profitability of your practice. Whether you are a small solo practitioner or a large hospital association, MedPoint's Software will significantly increase revenue. The managerial tools and reports alone will provide you with a wealth of data that would otherwise be unavailable without significant human labor costs.

You need to know how ineffective your billing company or internal billing system is so that you can minimize, if not eliminate, lost revenue. You need to know when insurance companies have underpaid for services rendered. You need to know when computer interface issues impact profitability. You need to know when human error negatively impacts revenue. MedPoint has the answers you need! MedPoint's software keeps an eye on the entire revenue cycle and provides you with detailed reports, at the click of a button, identifying lost revenue.

What is the cost of the software? Uniquely, MedPoint's Software will actually pay for itself. You pay out of the increased revenue you recover using the software. There is no reason for you not to give MedPoint a call today.